who? me?

Me, according to you.


Monday, March 04, 2019


I know that I have been neglecting so many things lately. Not only that, I have been ignoring stuffs and incidents too because I think that I had enough. And then I realized one thing few days ago. Oh no.. I think I have ignored even the important things too. Not trying to act dumb because I surely knew what I needed. Things have been changing too fast - I couldn't catch up much in that speed. Sigh.

Now that I have come to my senses again, I know that I do not have much time left. Clock is ticking and it gets me nearer to my Creator. What have I done with my life? Why have I prepared for my afterlife? I can't be "packing" too light because I am very sure that I need to bring as much as I can and I need bigger "luggage" for my "trip" to Him.

I definitely need balance.