who? me?

Me, according to you.


Saturday, September 29, 2018


I want to write but i was always giving myself excuses to tell myself that i was tired, busy and don't have time to do so. Maybe i was just being lazy. Haihhhh

 I notice that i see life a little different nowadays. I always keep my circle small and often feel so alone when i need somebody to talk to. Everybody is too busy with their phones and technology. So sad and it's frustrating. I wish that i could just tell them directly and be able to have a good conversation like the old days. Rindu.

Like always, going places by myself is no longer a new thing. I have to educate myself to pay attention more to my surrounding instead of my phone. I want to be normal again.

Bosan la semua orang sibuk sangat melangut tengok media sosial walaupun keluar dengan manusia. Zzzz