who? me?

Me, according to you.


Monday, December 24, 2012


Everyone has their own imaginations.
In my very own imaginary life, I was always a tiny purple dragonfly.

There was one time, I fell down from the sky and hit a hard tree trunk. I tried to scream but I know no one can hear me in the bushy wood. Typically, I cried in pain overnight - wishing that my voice can be heard. The next morning, someone came and fixed my precious broken wings and painted both in red. He told me to be extra alert next time and become braver. I was convinced that the wind would always help me to the destinations I've been dreaming of. He didn't know the reason i fell was the wind itself. But since he fixed my wings, I thanked him and decided to fly again with my brand new spirit of life.

I chose to live with my own scripts when I was about to die.
I chose to defeat rather than giving up.
I chose to be wise instead of being a dumb.

I know he clapped and make a happy-jump in his heart several times.
He didn't tell but his face portrays his inner reactions.
By the time I realized that I was gonna be happy again, my wings actually recovered and start to fly me to His heaven.

once again.