who? me?

Me, according to you.


Friday, June 03, 2011


"Don't you think that i am like a puzzle?"
"Which is confusing yet interesting, right?"
"You need to solve me everyday, you know? And i'm not a small pack of puzzle."
"You're just like a puzzle which is impossible to be solved"
"So, there are loads of pieces need to be matched, right?"
". . ."
I saw her teary eyes from far. Those reminiscenes, i know she misses them all. I dare not ask her. Instead, i pretend that i do understand her condition because i realize that she's not okay at the first place. Still. I could never imagine myself in her shoes, her position, her situation. But she keeps on telling me that she's trying so hard to be fine. To make things look good - perhaps perfect. She still learn to be a patient teenager who slowly turning to be a rational adult. Her past still haunts but moving on is the best option. No more intending to do the same mistakes as she knows what are the consequences. Few minutes later, I saw red liquid. Very thick on her lips. I know that she would never stop smiling no matter how hard she struggles for some happiness - the smile and laugh. But yeah, only she can tell what went wrong and would she ever discover her true happiness. Me? I can only watch and learn. Puzzle? No, i know nothing about it but she does.

"...You're gonna catch a cold from the ice inside your soul"