who? me?

Me, according to you.


Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Something to think about.

I believe that everyone has their own aims and goals in their very own life. You? Me? Yeah, we all do.

Back then. We were guided to stand up straight and walk slowly until finally being able to run. With some observations and gift given by god, we imitate and duplicate things done and said by some closest people in our life – our parents and siblings. We were taught about love, happiness, appreciation, friendship and life. We started to make people smile with our funny actions and bring laughter in people’s life – yeah, because we were tiny and sweet when we were kids. There was always someone who watched over us and helped us to stand up when we fell. Almost every desire was fulfilled and yeah, such a beautiful life, we thought it would always be. For that reasons, we started to create belief. We were not afraid to execute our plans. Once fails, we brainstormed new ideas until we finally made it.

As we grow up, we learn to cope with life - this time, the real life. School wasn’t really a big deal. So do university or college. But the life behind what other people see and believe is the big deal. We started to feel the tense and nerves. The heartbeats can now be heard in crowds; blood can be clearly seen flowing through our visible veins. We started to lose faith in life, started to build hatred in our soul. The fears and angers monopoly our mind and there, the bona fide feeling and perceptions about life created in us started to be overshadowed by those things.

Now. We choose to crawl instead of run. We started to cry instead of laugh. We learn to give up instead of keep on trying. THINK.

Why did our parents taught us to stand and walk and run when we were innocent toddlers?
Why did our parents taught us about love, happiness, appreciation, friendship and life?
Why do you think that there was always someone who watched over us and helped us when we fell?

Simple. Because people come and go in our life. Even though our parents will do whatever ever it takes to make us feel happy and comfortable, someday, they too will leave us. Yes, literally. Therefore, they taught us to be strong, to believe that there would always be someone who cares for us even when we thought there’s none. They want us to be bold and stand up quickly when we fall and start running again. And yeah, that’s how our life cycle usually works. Next, we’ll teach those things to our kids and the process will keeps on going. Therefore, don’t give up. Brainstorm new ideas, new plans. Execute them and make your dreams come true. Be sincere. Give up? NEVER.