who? me?

Me, according to you.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mea culpa.

Begin with one simple question. 
What symbolizes perfection? 

I was listening to a song just now when this question popped out in my mind. Sigh. No answer. There are too many thoughts - i mean loads and tons of thoughts in my mind recently. No, i have no idea why. It's like i can finally see the wind's movements, the figure of music and the pattern of my own heartbeats. Danggg! I am indeed a girl with curiosity. Have you ever asked yourself if the cloud has feelings? If the wind has emotions? If the sun has its own soul? Never?

Back to the question.
Generally, the word 'perfection' brings various meanings. Different definition by different people.True happiness is perfection to me. But does it really exist? Sigh. If only i could halve my sins with you. Hehh. Again, no answer. I often hallucinate without the helps of drugs. How? I don't know. I hear and see things which literally doesn't really exist. Worrying? Nahh, i'm still okay (it's not that i am turning crazy. Duhh!). I heard voices maundering, crying, laughing evilly and from far, i saw a lady shrieking without any sign of stopping. Distracting, that's all i can say. But thank god, i can finally cope with it - making those things as part of my life voluntarily.

Ohh! What about perfection?
Still. No answer.

Lavenders are lovely, aren't they?

And yes.
I will teach myself to adore red roses as much as i adore purple lavender.