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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Then and Now.

Mommy always taught me to be patient no matter what happen but there are certain things in this world which are hard to deal with. Friendship? Special relationship? Well, depends. Nothing comes easy in this world. Even if you want to read people's blog, you have to switch on your computer, connect to the internet, open your web browser and type the desired link. Only after those processes are being followed, you can now read my blog. See? Nothing comes easy.

I WAS not a girl with full patience. Not to say that i am a hot-tempered person but i hate waiting, broken promises, liar, selfish attitude and pressure. I just hate those. Back then, i was not so good in handling those things. Instead of finding a better solution, i might turn things worse and end up with tears and pain. Ok, my bad. But as i grow up, i learnt that my life should not be lived that way. Now, i take things positively and deal with problems with sound mind and act after i think. Well, at least i'm trying. Yeah, people learn to be a better person as time goes by, don't they? Again, it depends. If your heart are willing to accept the changes and improvement, there should be no problem to be a better person. Mind set is important.

Now choose. Which one do you want to be?

[ Picture source: Last 2 days' photoshoot ]