who? me?

Me, according to you.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Because this is me.

Being an observer does not require me to be an expert or getting a PhD. Well, this thing happens naturally in my daily life. Doesn't mean that i have to get out from my house everyday to observe. I can simply stay in my own room for the whole damn day and observe an ant crawling and carrying a small cube of sugar. Even this simple moment can actually makes me think deeply. Looking at an animal such as a bug, i usually ask myself back:
"Do this bug knows that it is actually a bug?"
Or perhaps straight away ask the particular animal:
"Hey, do u know that you are an ant?" 
*while looking at an ant*

Might sound like some stupid questions but yeah, i did asked myself the same question frequently. Worse, I somehow think that those insects will someday yell and scream at me:

"Of course we know who we are!! Do you even know who you are? Grr~"

HAHA. Well, who knows that they are getting bored of being asked with the same type of questions - obviously by ME! I usually spend my time alone either in my room, on a rambutan tree, beside a river, behind my house or at the seaside. Yeah, those are some of my favourite places to gain serenity and think. Psst! My granpa used to yelled at me 

"Jangan dok panjat² pokok. Satgi jatuh baru taw!"

 Note that i was a stubborn girl - and now? STILL. Hoho. So what i did was, i jumped from the tree soon he yelled at me using the dialogue above. But once he turned and went away, i immediately climbed the rambutan tree once again. Sigh. I hope my kids would not do the same as i did before. Dear future kids of mine, please behave well ya. At least in front of the public. Please let other people think that i've train you well ok. HAHA. Plastic. T__T

I don't know why i just love to observe. But bear in mind, i don't usually do the judging and evaluating part. I just observe and think. I hate to label people whom i barely know. Ohh! And yeah, i do observe people in social networking too. Scared? Naaahh.. No need to.