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Monday, August 30, 2010

There! There! She's using her 2nd language! T__T

One more time. There!
It's Fza Ibrahim again. Fza.Ibrahim. This time, i choose to use my '2nd language'. Perhaps, my 3rd language as well. Heee. Mind my grammar and the word usage ya. It has been a while since i updated my last entry using this language. *sudah berkarat. Yeah! I mean, RUSTY! Berkarat! RUSTY! T__T* Therefore, i think i desperately need to write some - i mean MORE in this 2nd language of mine. Well, for the sake of improving myself. Mommy would be proud of me then. Haha. Shut UP! T__T

Now here goes the second paragraph. Hahaha. My english teacher used to tell me that essays need to be written in several paragraphs. Yeah, one point in one paragraph. Adequate elaboration is also needed to support those points. Err.. Unless you are required to do a summary. T__T. Ok, what's the point now? Huu.. I don't even have my thesis statement to make sure that you can actually see the whole idea of this entry at the first place. Please consider yourself as a good reader and continue reading. I am forcing you now. AND I MEAN IT. Wipe your tears! Quick! Grr~ Hahaha..

There, third paragraph already. Don't laugh. I'm serious. *serious mode in a sudden. Grr~* Weird entry. Aha. Well, i didn't know that i can update my entry with this kind of writing using this language. Haha. Buguo, wo xihuan english! Ye Huayu! Hohoho. Hehoy! 
*I'm not a Santa Claus. No present will be given if you have the faith that i am one of them. So delete all your belief now!* Err.. WHAT IS THIS!?? This is ridiculous! Fza.Ibrahim
*Please be EXTRA patient. Remember! This is fasting month. Ngeee~*

Quick smile. Eh? Big smile. I'm enjoying this style of writing now. So straight forward. No flowery words. Yeah, easy to understand. Errr.. Why are you still holding a dictionary while reading my entry? Hee~ Kidding. No big deal. We are learning and will continously learning as the time passes by aiteSo please go to the nearest bookstore NOW and buy the largest and thickest dictionary!! No, not the most expensive one. Don't get me wrong. And make sure you read it.
*The more, the merrier. Haha~ T__T*

Finally, the last paragraph. This is where authors usually sum up everything about their whole articles or essays. But it would be a bit different than mine. This is where i choose to highlight my point. There! I am bored and blur. *Look! There's dark cloud in my mind! T__T* I have test tomorrow (when it is supposed to be holiday for all Malaysians) and 3 assignments to be completed. Not to forget! 1 midterm test on Friday and last test on Sunday night. I'm planning to bring back my  whole-complete-body set to my hometown on next Monday - as part of my mind has safely arrived before my body. T__T

I miss home. I miss everyone. And yeah,
Wo zhen ai he ye hen'xiang da!!

Signing out as FzaIbrahim. Bye.