who? me?

Me, according to you.


Sunday, August 22, 2010


Let's start this entry with a scream.
Ok, done.

This is really distracting. i repeat! 
D I S T R A C T I N G !
Nahh.. Maybe you shouldn't ask why. I'm not telling, btw.
*no one would bother to ask u Fza, anyway!*

Just one thing:
"Aku dah tolong kau, boleh tak kau jangan MENYUSAHKAN aku? And act as if nothing is happening. Excuse me, I'm a human being too. And i have my own life to live.." 

Thanks. I learnt new thing - AGAIN. Let's call it a new 'lesson'. Damn.

Peringatan utk kau, kau dan kau:
Sometimes, we really have to be selfish.
Yeah, for our own good sake! Well.. It depends actually, aite?