who? me?

Me, according to you.


Friday, May 21, 2010


Today, i received an SMS from a long lost friend of mine. She kept herself in silence since few years ago and suddenly told me that she is not doing well. My other friend told me that she actually had an accident and there is a tendency for her to be half paralyse. I was shocked. My other friend also told me that our long lost guy friend has just passed away because of H1N1. Ouh, gosh! Two shocking stories at once? Seriously, i was flabbergasted. I feel sorry for both of them. 

I was preparing the launch when they text me and i accidentally broke a bottle of honey as it fells from the cabinet while i was looking for the cooking oil bottle. I cleaned up the honey and washed the cloth at the sink. I didn't actually realize that there were small pieces of glass at the cloth and yeah, it leaves a small deep cut on my finger. Ouch! That's hurt! The amount of blood made me feel dizzy and my sister told me that i looked so pale. I almost faint. The cut is quite deep. And my finger bleeds for about 5-10 minutes non-stop. Then i realize, I didn't actually pay attention to what i was doing.


Now people, please pay extra attention to whatever things you're doing.
Get to know your surrounding.
Learn to appreciate everything. And never ever take things for granted.