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"Allah always provide us with better things if we keep on trusting Him. Faith and hard work would help.."


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The new Fza.

"I wonder how beautiful life could be if we know how to deal with it.." 

I was not born with silver spoon in my mouth yet life can still be as fun as it is supposed to. I'm not a star that shines all the time. And i am not always in a pink of health when circumstance needs me to be one. But i learn. Learn to breathe whenever situations or tragedies took away all the oxygen that supposed to keep me breathing, that supposed to keep my blood stays in healthy red - obviously not the dark one. I saw how things change so much from time to time though i don't even know where did i get those ample time to figure them out. History taught me well on how to deal with things. It's all about DEALING. Handling with circumstance that only appears once in a blue moon seems to be so hard. Well, that's how i grow up. My parents always taught me to deal with my own problems. It's not that they don't give a damn about it, they just don't prefer to interrupt. That's how i learn. Somehow, it is a good thing - but not all the time.

Last night, i saw a dark shadow on the wall. I'm not sure who's shadow was that but i zipped my mouth and tried to hibernate myself in peace. Unfortunate me, the brain kept doing overtime work - Ouh, how i hate that! Slowly i opened my eyes, trying to find the shadow which i saw few minutes ago. It wasn't there anymore. For god sake, I don't know where it goes. I stood up and saw something in front of me. A figure. It moved the same way as i did. I went near the entity and stood up straight in front of it. It was kinda weird to see something else that looks and moves like me. Then i realize something. 
THE MIRROR. Ouh, no wonder.. Argh!! 

Ok Fza, no more blurry or flowery words. Just a straight forward and clear thoughts please. Truth is, i give up! No more pleasing people too much. No more sympathy without reasons. No more angel-heart-with-huge-pair-of-wings after this. I mean, that is not going to happen without reasons. And guess what? Innocent is no longer my middle name. I have no heart now - just in case if u ask me. *sigh sigh*

Hey, meet the new me!

"Hye, my name is Fza. F-Z-A. Pronounce my name as Fiza ok? Btw.. Nice to meet u.."
*the same name with different characteristics*


I don't know what's wrong with me. Don't ask.