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Me, according to you.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Memory remains..

Back then when i was a toddler, i used to believed that fairy does exist. The same goes to my little sister. Perhaps we were really inspired and influenced by the media. Ouh, yes! We always draw the princesses that we saw in the television and story books. We added some new features to the princesses such as accessories and fancy make-up colour to make them glow more. Huu~ I remember telling my little sister that we should put those drawings beside us before we sleep. She nodded and smiled. I bet she understood what i meant. Hell yes! We put our full hope and believed that those princesses and fairies will come out from our pieces of artwork. Hahaha! Until now, i'm not sure if they really came out while the 'toddler' me was sleeping. Ngee..

Still, i am a very imaginative girl. I can say that I'm quite good in imagining things and situations when others are describing about something to me. Sometimes when people came out with a word or situation, my mind can actually work beyond than what others can actually imagine. Don't be surprised when you see me laughing like this journey will never end when you come out with a story - any kind of stories except DEATH ok. I hate playing around with death. To me, it is something SERIOUS. Haiz~ It might sound a bit awkward but the way my little brain thinks would be kinda weird and 'too' special' until somehow i am unable to control it. Huu~

Now what's my point?
Nothing. Just want to share something. 
I miss my childhood memories.