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Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Woah, tiring day - SERIOUSLY
My mind is kinda messy and i just hope that i could get a better sleep tonight. 
*fixing up my sleeping disorders. Huu~*

This week is the most hectic week of the semester, i can say. Test, presentation, everything. Plus, sleeping disorders really distract me and some part of the day really annoys me. Don't ask me why, it was just so ANNOYING. I woke up at 330am this morning after having my 1++ hour of sleeping. And my mind keep telling me that something is not right somewhere. I couldn't find the mess yet i know something is not right. Until now, i really hope that i am doing okay and would always be until my last final paper ended.

It's mommy's birthday.
I called her on 7++am this morning and sang her birthday song. She was driving, so the call ended soon i finished singing. Huu~ 
Whatever it is, I LOVE U MOMMY. I'll pray for your happiness and better health condition. 
And i miss u btw. Uhu.

I was visiting some blogs just now and suddenly my eyes were looking at one link with a familiar name stated there. Opps! My lecturer's blog. I didn't know that she has one. I clicked on the link and THERE!!
I read her pieces of writings without any single blink. Her 1st page was kinda sad. True. I finally understand why she responded differently every single day through out the semester. The 1st page ended. I click the 'Older Posts' button and continue reading those things that she wrote. And every time the whole new page ended, i keep clicking on the 'Older Posts' button. I read almost all of those entries and started to think. Well, human beings are just the same. No matter who they are and what position are they holding at one particular moment, almost all of the things faced by them are just the same. I think i have some similarities with what she had to face at one point of her life. Well.. Life is just for us to live in and discover this and that. It's all about gaining experience. I stopped reading at the middle of her entries. And start typing this entry. And guess what? I'm smiling.

I think i found something in her that really made me smile.
*Trust me, i do*