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"Allah always provide us with better things if we keep on trusting Him. Faith and hard work would help.."


Monday, February 15, 2010

Because it is WEIRD.

I'm having this awkward feeling since few days ago. First, i thought it was just a weird moment for me ONLY for that particular day. So I just let it be. Now? It is haunting me. I am facing a continuous weird syndrome i guess. Nightmare. Yes! I experienced nightmare last night. It was horrible! SERIOUSLY! I could never imagine if it really happens in this real life. *sigh*

People might say, 'dream is just part of your mind. It is not real..'. TRUE! But can i just confess something?
Most of my dreams tend to appear in my real life. Sounds like sh*t aite? Yeah. Yet, it's true. Dreams only appear in my sleep once in a blue moon. I'm not lying. I rarely dream of something when i sleep. I don't actually get the clear picture why it happens. But once i get a dream about a thing or situation , it can usually being seen again in reality. Freaking!! 

I realize something in this few weeks. I keep seeing the same clock digits or repeating double digits everywhere. Don't get my point? It is something like this:

11:11  , 22:22  , 23:23  , 12:12  , 00:00

Of course it happens when i look at my phone's clock and appears this way. One of my friends experienced the same situation once. He 'googled' and found this:


Double digits such as 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, and 99 are called "Master Numbers" and inherently symbolize a stronger link to the unseen dimensions.

Perhaps (I'm speculating here) your situation relates to some important cyclical timing that has you more "connected" to the other realms.