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Monday, February 15, 2010

Because it is WEIRD.

I'm having this awkward feeling since few days ago. First, i thought it was just a weird moment for me ONLY for that particular day. So I just let it be. Now? It is haunting me. I am facing a continuous weird syndrome i guess. Nightmare. Yes! I experienced nightmare last night. It was horrible! SERIOUSLY! I could never imagine if it really happens in this real life. *sigh*

People might say, 'dream is just part of your mind. It is not real..'. TRUE! But can i just confess something?
Most of my dreams tend to appear in my real life. Sounds like sh*t aite? Yeah. Yet, it's true. Dreams only appear in my sleep once in a blue moon. I'm not lying. I rarely dream of something when i sleep. I don't actually get the clear picture why it happens. But once i get a dream about a thing or situation , it can usually being seen again in reality. Freaking!! 

I realize something in this few weeks. I keep seeing the same clock digits or repeating double digits everywhere. Don't get my point? It is something like this:

11:11  , 22:22  , 23:23  , 12:12  , 00:00

Of course it happens when i look at my phone's clock and appears this way. One of my friends experienced the same situation once. He 'googled' and found this:


Double digits such as 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, and 99 are called "Master Numbers" and inherently symbolize a stronger link to the unseen dimensions.

Perhaps (I'm speculating here) your situation relates to some important cyclical timing that has you more "connected" to the other realms.