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Saturday, January 09, 2010


It has been a while. I've been busy lately. Classes. Ouh yes. Three days of early morning classes. The rest were a bit late but most of the days, those classes ended quite late. Around 6pm. Uhh~ I am totally exhausted. Pheww~ How i wish that i could just split my self into quarter. 1 part - to those classes, 1 part - sleeping, 1 part - blogging, and another 1 part - well, just for the spare. In case 1 one them are broken. Opps! 

What is the circumstance now?
Well, i had quite a rough week. Tiring? Definitely! Ouh yes, i woke up late last Wednesday for class. Once i entered the class, all the eyes were looking at me and i was like, 

"err.. Am i too late?"

I'm sorry Madam Azlyn.

I'm thinking about dividing my time accordingly and spend those time wisely but where should i start? Should i prepare my self a timetable? Or should i just follow the flow? Huuu~ Well, let's forget about it for a while. Let's not talk about it. 

Last Thursday, i went out with a besh buddy of mine. Ouh yes! He is a VERY nice and great buddy of mine. The class over at 12pm so i went home and immediately get my self ready to go out. Just to have some fun and release all those disturbance in my mind. 1230pm? I went out and get ready to be at town on time! It might sound ridiculous but yeah, i did it. Basically, our plan was just to watch an undecided movie. No specific movie was in our mind. So.. Once we reached the destination, we saw Avatar's poster and straight away went to the counter. Yap, we watched Avatar! - actually, that was my 2nd time ALREADY. Uhu~ It's ok to watch the same movie twice aite? Huuu~. The clock showed 1729 - i received a message from sis Qiez. She made me smile for that particular msg. Ouh kak, thnx alot. :)
Later, we went back and dush! SLEEPING TIME! haha. Totally tired.

Tomorrow's plan? I haven't decide any. Can u suggest me one?

"London Bridge is falling down.. Falling down.. Falling down.." 
Haish! Kroh kroh kroh~