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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

When it is time..

There was a guy..
He was in love with this one girl. She was a nice and innocent girl. Everyday she made him laugh and smile. He was very happy to have her in his life.
One day,the girl asked him to do something. She said:

"Can u stop contacting me tomorrow..? Just for the whole day of tomorrow.."

When he asked her why,she told him that she had something to do in the next day. The guy agreed. Tomorrow,she waited for him for the whole day to contact her. Still,there was nothing. The next day,the guy called her. He asked her what she did yesterday. She told him that she did nothing. The guy asked her:

"Then why don't you contact me then?"

She just smiled and told him:

"I just wanna see either you can live without me even for one day.."

He replied: 

"Of course i can't.."
"But you already did.. See? You survive dear..". 

She smiled.

After that incident, their day continued as usual. A week later, the girl called him and told him that she wanted to meet him. So they met. She said:

"I'm leaving. Do take care of yourself after this.."
"Somewhere far from here.."
"But where?"
"It doesn't matter. I just know that you can survive without me. Do take care k.."

She walked away and never say anything after that. He tried to reach her everyday but her phone was turned off. On the 5th day, he called her again. This time, her phone can be reached. Her sister picked up the phone. He told her that he wanted to talk to the girl. Suddenly he heard the girl's sister was crying. He didn't panicked yet he asked her why. She answered:

"My sister had something for you. I'm gonna send you her letter.."

Soon he received the letter, he quickly opened it..

"Hye there. I hope you're doing fine right now. I've reached my destination safely. I'm sorry we can't be able to meet each other anymore after this. I hope you will be fine. I'll be staying here with my new environment - far away from the place where i belonged before. Far away from everybody but really close to God. I have nothing else to say but i just hope that you will take care of yourself. I am no longer with you. But you need to be strong and i know you can survive without me. You can live a day without me, so i bet u can always live without me - continuously. Thank you for everything.."

He was confused so he called her sister again.

"What happened actually?"
"She just passed away yesterday. She had leukimia. It was 2 weeks ago when she figured out that she was in the final stage.."

The guy kept himself in silence. Slowly, there were tear drops on the floor. He said in his heart..

"Now i understand.. Now i do.. No wonder she said that she's leaving.. far away from here. Uhh.. How i wish that i was there with her until her last breath.. It's too late now. I'm sorry my dear.."


When the time has come, you just have to agree with God's decision. Soon or later, He'll send you a better one. That's all i can say..