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Monday, December 28, 2009

Finally here..

Hehey! I just got back from somewhere. Ngee..

She and I. Together. Now and always. :)
*babe, i always ♥ u!*

Last Saturday i went to my best friend's house. Ouh yes, her sister's engagement. I was the make-up remover. Ehh.. Make-up artist! Hahaha. My best friend, Aini, came and fetch me at home around 845am and brought me to her house. Ok, there were loads of people - her relatives, i can say. Hurm.. The ceremony was supposed to start on 10am but i started to draw what am i supposed to draw on her sister's face on 935am - put her the eyeliner, lipstick, eyeshadow, etc. Not with pen or marker ok? Ngeee.. 

Ding dong!
 10 am! She's done. It was a very quick make-up process basically. Her sister did a lot of things before she allowed me to put the make-ups on. Sokay. She just requested for simple touch-up yet nice. So when the time came, and the make-up applying processes were done, she went to the 'right room' and people started to snap her pictures in the room. The guy's mother came in and did what a mother from a guy's side usually do during the engagement ceremony. And then, Kak Ekin, my best friend's sister went to the hall and more people came to her and started to snap pictures with her. Tiring yet exciting. Ouh.. How i love to see people's face after being beautified by me. I adore those moments. SERIOUSLY!

We were 'fighting' SO HARD to get this. Haha!

Last time, i was 'hired' to be a make-up artist for my friend. She looked nice and beautiful during her 'BIG' day and i was smiling all day long during the ceremony. The feeling is too hard to be expressed by words. But seeing other people looking pretty and nice really makes me smile and happy. She's now a mother of a baby girl
*i wish i had one. Someday..* Huuuu~

Chicken's Foot Note:
 Sorry, i don't have much pictures for this ceremony.
and sorry for this late entry. i just feel like updating. Huu~