who? me?

Me, according to you.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Who u should really be?

Is it so hard to be who u really should be?

Think again. To be honest, if someone ask me that question, i would probably answer yes! Because yeah, it is really hard! Nobody can ONLY be one same person all the time. Reason? I bet nobody is perfect - n u knew it too aite? Think about it. Do you really know who u should really be? I, myself do not have any idea who i should really be. I will always try to adapt myself according to places and situations i am at. I mean.. It happens naturally right? Time is passing by and everybody keep changing. Some people say

"Euww.. She's trying to be someone else now. She was not like that back then when we were in high school.."

People!! Can't u think? School's life are totally different than university's life. The same goes when people grow up and become an adult. Where then it requires them to deal with their works' life! Common and simple thing yet hard to be understood by some people. Come on, u keep changing too!
*this is for those who pretend like they do not u'stand the norms*
What's most important here is, we are enjoying ourselves - doing what we love and adore so much. As long as it does not annoys and distract others, i think that would be fine.

I'm not typing these for any reason at this particular time. They just suddenly came across my mind and i feel like jotting them up in here. :)

Think about it.