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Me, according to you.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

This is so not me. *sigh*

Hail people.
[if u don't feel like reading this entry, it's okay. if u do, please proceed. Thank you.]

Right now, i am sitting alone on my bed in my room - being accompanied by the sound of crickets and the fan. I'm not sure with what i am feeling right now. *demn*. i hate this thing. there are plenty of things that run across my mind right now. they mix up, trying to blend together but.. Ergh!!

Human being..
What is the 1st thing that come across most people's mind when we talk about human being?
Pride? Happiness? Sadness? Freedom?
Ouh.. How i wish i know. It's too difficult. Human beings are so unpredictable. Yeah,i mean u. I mean me. We are all unpredictable. Some people might be too humble or too proud with what they had. I can say, some people don't even bother to control those things accordingly. When it is time for u to use it, use it. But don't over-use it. *Fza,remember this!*

This is the common thing that people tend to take for granted. Hell yes, they always do. We tend to think and tell ourselves that we are always good, always on top, always the greatest yet we never be a winner. Ouh yes! Think about it. Especially YOU,Fza!
*i'm telling this to myself*
I've learn many things today. Apart of what we see and feel right now, there are many other things happening in other part of the world.

While i'm sitting here in happiness, someone out there is sitting alone at one part of the world - being in sadness.
While i am sitting in front of my lappie - [smiling, chatting with friends, typing blogs], someone out there is starving and seeking for some places to protect himself/herself from danger.
i might be laughing today, but someone is crying somewhere in the same time.
A baby is born today, in the same time, someone is dying.
and vice versa in other day.

i just realize how short this life can be. *sigh*

There is one thing. I realized this at one point in my life and it really makes me think deeply.
When we love some people and we care about them, we need to show and tell them. Do not keep it in silence and assume that, that particular person understand our feeling just by showing our acts. Say it! Just say it! Not necessarily as a lover. It can be as family members and good friends. Let them know. They might just smile or pretend like they are not listening. But this thing actually gives them spirit to a better person. And try to be the best. Reason? Because they know someone loves them. How? Because we let them know!

Pathetically, many people take this thing for granted - AGAIN.. *sigh again*
i don't really know why i am typing this. I just think i need to. It's just a common thoughts but yeah.. I just feel like typing them up.

p/s: i think i'm not okay right now. Just ignore me.