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Monday, November 02, 2009

Ordinary Object.

I'm gonna start this entry with 'salam'.
Ouh.. i went to the library today.
Alone? Yeah.. Alone.. *sigh*
I saw people here and there studying with their friends.
It was not crowded but quite noisy.
['coz most of them were talking.]
Study? Yeah.. i did.. Got sleepy but i still continue.
Suddenly i felt like writing down something..
I duno why i wrote this but i like it..

Here it is:
I need some space,
Some space to breathe, to cry,
I can be very frail and innocent,
Apart from what i am having today.
They can only see me smile and laugh,
They forget about the pain and tears,
Forget about the value of being concerned.

I saw the shadow of the rainbow,
It was very dark and melancholic,
I saw some misty leaves in front of me,
When i touched them, the mist fell on the ground.
The bright sky suddenly turned dark,
Yeah,very dark..
"Tup.. Tup.. Tup.."
One drop, two drops, three drops,
And then it cries.. Heavily..
I stared at the drops,
One by one..
From the moment they fell from the roof,
Until the moment they dropped on my hands.

The universe felt sorry for me,
Pity me, i'm just an ordinary object,
Clearly can be seen but easily to be ignored,
I do laugh, i do smile, i do look happy,
But inside i bleed, i scream and yell..
"Can anybody hears me?"
And again, they think i am very happy,
So yeah.. Nobody hears me then..
I am just an object.
The poem above is basically interprets what i feel now.
Pathetic aite? Whatever..

p/s: Peti Surat. Lalala..