who? me?

Me, according to you.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Bug and I.

When i saw a bug this morning,
I was asking myself..
Does the bug knew that it was a bug?
Then i asked myself again,
Do i realize that i am a human being??

Then i saw it crawled on the wall,
I knew i could not do that,
But then it fell to the ground,
Yes! i could fall..
Then i started to think..
If i reach something,
I can always fall if i never hold it tight..

Then it flew away,
I've been trying to follow,
But it flew to far away,
I cannot find it..
Again.. i started to think,
If i hold something too tight,
It would try to go and get away from me.
Try to be as far as it could from me.

Later on..
The bug came back,
Then i smiled and think..
But if i give freedom to people that i love,
They will always love me back n never leave~

It's just me and myself, Fza.is.Zazha