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Me, according to you.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Whats wrong with me??

Ouh dear..
i'm having a terrible flu right now - i bet it's not H1N1 - huuu..
Thank god this is the last week.
Next week,i'm having 1 week of study leave
- 'coz my final starts on November 1st.
We'r having some plan on that week.
['we' refers to my classmates n i.]
Having a picnic!! Location? Not sure yet - Can't wait for that..

Yesterday i went to campus - even though it was holiday.
Purpose? Finishing my mandarin's last project with my teammate.
A simple drama basically.
We spent for about 4 hours for the recordings and some additional scenes.
Thank god we managed to finish those tired moments quite early
'coz we need to submit that on Thursday.

Back to the story!
While we were adding some new scripts,
My phone beeps - it was a msg from one of my housemate.

[below are the translation from tamil to english. Haha!]

"Za,i got bad news.."
i asked her what was it.
she said "i'll tell u. but u have to be patient"
"Just tell me.. wat is it?"
She didn't reply me. so i called her.
"whats wrong?"
"Your guitar.."
"What happened to my guitar?"
"it fells and broke.."
"hurm.. i'll take a look at it once i got back ok?"
"no problem."

OK! Something happened to my baby. Wuu..
But maybe it was not serious - that was my first thought.
So after we finished our work,we went back.
Ament drove us home.
Once i went in, i saw my baby laid on the floor.
Almost screaming - it's broken.. ='(

i went inside my room - not even bringing my baby together.
i cried.
i need to use my baby for my presentation on this Tuesday.
Perhaps i can still borrow fikri's guitar for that day.
But my baby? Sad. i lose my mind in a sudden.


i saw Shud's motorcycle in the porch.
i asked Syu for the key and VROMMMM!!
Nur accompanied me.
i said i need to go and find wood's glue.
But Nur and Syu didn't allow me
- 'coz i told them that i wanted to go to Giant or Tesco.
Nur knew that i was heart broken.
She suggested me to go to the waterfall - so we went.
We both went in the water and had some relaxing conversation.
i feel a bit relief then. Thanks Nur.

Later we went to Taman Universiti
- in front of AIMST university.
We just went there and had some silent moment.
I ride and passed an area.
On the road, there were two guys - with two motorcycles.
They were so slow - riding in front of us.
So i crossed both of them.
And damn! One of the guys followed us.
I was pressing for the full speed - SERIOUSLY!
Nur told me that the guy was chasing us.
I told her to relax.
That guy was so close - sometimes on the left,sometimes on the right.
I felt annoyed and just ignore that annoying freak.
Suddenly Nur said that the guy touched her.
So i don't think that i should slow down.


But i'm still normal.
So i just 'maintain' the high speed and thank god,
he didn't follow us right after we reached the traffic light.
I was laughing like a silly donkey.
[do donkey laugh? Hahaha!]
You know y?
Because he can't even cross me! Haha!
[Aku jadi gangster jap! huu..]

We went to filled up the tank and went back.
Ouhh.. I was so tired.
I can't believe those moments i'd been through yesterday..
Still, i feel silly and sad.
Now..? I think i need some rest.
Having such a 'tremendous' experience.
I need to learn from those..

Moral of the story:
Almost NONE.