who? me?

Me, according to you.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Siape? Knape? Apekah??

Memang aku tadhe suma benda.
Aku serba tadhe. Tapi aku de kwn2.
Walopn bkn slalu ade dgn aku,
Tapi diorg bg aku ktawe - bagi aku senyum.
Walopn diorg tatawu pe dlm ati aku ni..
Aku happy x? Yup,i do.
But suddenly i think i might not smile and laugh
just the way i did before. Ouh tuhan..
Ape ini?? Sakitnye.. Sedehnye..
Ye,mgkin ni mmg da nasib aku kot. Knape aku asyik nangis ni?
Tensennye.. Bencinye!!
Fza, could u please STOP CRYING?
Ko ni lemah sgt ar! Cam ampeh je..
Com'on girl! You're not a kid anymore.
Cheer up! Live your life as happy as u could!!
Wake up! Wake up! Manusia tu kan sentiasa b'ubah..
Fza, ko tu sape nak tentukan mase depan org lain?
Time will pass, things will change!
Just accept the truth, u can't control others' life!!
Ergh!!! Stop it! Stop!
Stop telling me what i should do and what i shouldn't!
Yeah.. i'm fighting with my own feelings basically.
I'm yelling and screaming deep inside of me.
I'm loosing everything!! I hate to tell but..
Damaged mp4, broken guitar, and 'something'.
Ouh dear.. I wish this is just a dream..
What else is being left for me?
Maybe i shouldn't cry. Maybe i shouldn't be like this.
I hate to tell but almost everything is gone.

Yeah, i repeat - GONE!
Again? GONE!
Ouh maybe once again - GONE!!

Fza,r u ok?
"Yeah,i think so.."
Sure ke ni?
"Sgt sure la.. This time,i will become stronger!"
Whatever lah!

Moral of the story:
Ghile! Mnede moral.Haiya!!