who? me?

Me, according to you.


Friday, October 09, 2009

Fza,wake up!

I saw tear drops today.
Quite many and continuously.
Then later having much of ponder and gloom.
Those are bad symptoms of sadness.
Ouh dear.. i wish it will end soon.

Just now something was veiling me.
A deep feeling with agony and melancholy sound.
Last night i slept at 430am and i woke up on 8am.
I feel different [again].
My eyes still feel tired.
And me? i'm exhausted. Low level of energy.
I played my guitar most of the time today.
I thought i can come out with new song but..
Not another sad song! Ouhh..

I went out just for a while.
Looking up at the sky.
Where are the stars??
None? huhuhu.. [so unacceptable!]
I ponder too much tonight.
Then i taught my room mate how to plays guitar.
A bit, it makes my heart happy.
Then i listened to some songs.
Now?? i wanted to have some conversation.
No matter who that person would be,
I hope he/she can cheer me up [again..].

Fly fly fly!!

p/s: "Dear god,i love u!"