who? me?

Me, according to you.


Thursday, September 10, 2009



it's 0011 and here i am - sitting on my
'sleeping place' where i always loiter on.
This is the common time where i usually lie on my bed and think about how
do i live my life on that particular day.
Today is the 20th day of fasting and i suddenly feel something strange in me.
It is something which is
not normal and rarely happen
[only once in a bluemoon!]

Speaking about feeling odd,
there's something that come across my mind right now.
I suddenly think about death.
Not to say that i have an instinct that
"i am going to die early",
it's just that..
This feeling suddenly drop by to 'say hi' and remind me that
destiny doesn't always leads to happiness.

There's always something in my mind which
i cannot describe in detail.
Somehow i wonder, how does this world continue
even if i am no longer living in it?
i mean.. how do the people who used to be or to know me
continue their life even if
i am not around them anymore?

Will they feel sad or cry for me?
will there be people who send me prayers
and hope that i will
always be happy right 'there'?
Or will there be people who still
continue to remember me?
Will there be people who
always miss me and wish that i am still alive?

Somehow i think that this life is unfair.
When? Most of the time - When i feel that
luck is not at my side.
when i think that everything which is supposed to be mine was
always remained to be others'.
That was when the bad perspectives stick on my mind.

Now let's go to the happy part of this life.
The moment it leads me to have a bright smile,
big laugh and wonderful days!!
There is a term for this ONE particular thing in this world
which is so precious and means a lot
to the majority of people in this world.

F R I E N D .

Deep inside my heart,
i confess that a good friend is the one who can
determine my true feelings.
[inside and outside!]
I don't actually know why i am writing about this but last time,
i feel that i don't really appreciate friendship until one day
something happened between me and a friend of mine.
No matter whom the person was, this thing keeps running in my mind.
[most of the time..]

I sometimes feel that having a good friend is
the best thing ever in life.
But i figured out that to decide on staying with
ONLY one friend doesn't
seem to be a great decision in life.
There are so many people out there who
cares and ready to listen
whenever i need those.
All the people around me - OF COURSE!

Day by day..
i learnt not to underestimate people.
I learnt not to judge others before i know them.
I learnt to love others just the way they are.
I learnt to appreciate what i have and
understand that
i couldn't own certain things in this life.

The Consequences??

1. I have a better, happy life.
2. I'm having loads of wonderful people
who love and care for me - Always!
3. i learn to appreciate myself!

p/s: This post is being typed by me in conscious condition! Huu..