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Saturday, September 05, 2009

So.. What now??

Ok. i woke up at 5++ am this morning. So early.
Not for sahur, but Mabuncit called me and asked about criteria of effective segmentation[??]. haiya..
test is OVER. i bet i'm over too. couldn't be able to finish up my test just now. [few more words left. huhu..] there were just... TOO MANY WORDS TO WRITE n i just got 1 and half hour!
argh!! [tbe² lak stress]. but thanks to Mabuncit for calling me this morning n asked about that criteria.
[Masuk test td wooo!! Thanks alot!]

i just read mashao's blog n wow!! she's so busy lately.
[p/s: i mish her everyday. Mish to tease and shop with her!!].
Btw.. I just realize that her blog is like1000000km. hoho.. so many to read. Ngee.. But i enjoy reading those. :)

This week has ended with
social marketing's test. Next week??
Now let me see.. hurm..

Monday [7th Sept]:
Mandarin reading test

Tuesday [8th Sept]:
Presentation skill's test.

Thursday [10th Sept] :
Malaysia Premiership Studies' assignment submission.

i asked few people about mandarin reading test. they said it was damn easy.
ok,i'm relying on that statement. huhuuu..
Presentation? Ouh i can't wait for that. simply enjoy talking n talking while presenting. hehe..
[Name pn presentation,mmg la kne ckp n ckp en..]

What Now?

i just spoke to my mom. [by phone,of course!]
suddenly missing home and i wish i could go back right now. that was my plan actually, but suddenly being told
"This Saturday we got test on 10.30am at B5. Please read chapter 1-3.." (Samsudeen,M. 2009) *sigh*

[i use APA system ok! Sir Mujibu told me to do so. "Always refer to APA system,not MLA!"
Huhu.. sorry sir Deen,i have to obey.]

ouh yeah! just now i saw someone's blog.
[of course i opened it and read!]
wahh.. he is a photographer now.
[he's my senior ok!]
i wish i have my own pixture studio one day. i wish for it so badly! really want it. wuwuu..
now what's my point of talking bout him??

the truth is :
"i am JEALOUS!!"
That's Why.. Huuu..


He even got his own website for advertising. i bet he's enjoying his 'new job'.

Now! Again.. What now?? Hurmm..


Taken by me at Cameron Highland.
[Forgot the date. But it was quite recent.] :)


This was taken at Taman Tasik,Taiping when i was walking there
with my besh buddy in one fine morning.
[We just went there n gossips. Then these mushrooms happened
to appear suddently.